Want VISIBILITY on LinkedIn? If you are a Job Seeker looking to be picked up by recruiters, a Corporate looking to sell your brand, or an individual with a message to share, you need to…..ENGAGE! How? Like this….

  • Put a like on a post of interest.
  • Comment insightfully in at least a full sentence.
  • Put a like on your own comment (WE know you aren’t vain and the algorithm doesn’t care even if you are!)
  • Put likes on other meaningful comments.
  • Reply to insightful commentary and connect/follow others.

If you do this consistently you will average an increase in profile views of approx. 1000-2000% within 48 hours, if not more. The more you engage on LinkedIn the more the algorithm will raise your profile in terms of searches.

Job Seekers if you don’t occasionally apply for jobs on LinkedIn Jobs you will most likely be suppressed by the algorithm in recruiter searches. Right or wrong this is the way many algorithms work.
I get it. Microsoft is a business first and foremost. Only YOU can decide whether you play or get played by it! Happy engagement!

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